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Planning for submetering a large facility (no matter what vendor you ultimately choose):

  • Begin with the largest single building.
  • Identify and label every service panel and all who are served. Take detailed photos and notes.
  • Identify what specific circuits will be metered and who they serve (tenant) in each panel.
  • Electric Panel Worksheet (printable)
  • Review appropriate equipment for the job and compare features and price.
  • Obtain qualified/licensed installers who will understand the material before they start.

  • mM uses one processing unit to monitor multiple independent circuits in a panel.

  • This costs roughly $75 for each "virtual" meter.
  • This includes all software, source code, and unlimited technical support.
  • Emergency/barebones data collection can simply be a visit to each processor with a generic laptop.
  • Desktop data collection exercise with the first processor is strongly recommended.
  • How It Works (pat pend)